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Magnetic Hangers Are Perfect For Neat Freaks

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Hooks: good for pirates, annoying for clothes. The hooks on clothes hangers get caught in loose knits, get tangled with each other, break off, bend, and do all kinds of other irritating things. But what if we could get rid of the hooks altogether?

Flow Design, a German-Latvian company, created these magnetic hangers that could solve all those problems. Called Cliq, the hangers have no hooks, but instead are shaped like an upside-down V. At the height of the V, where the two arms meet, is a powerful magnet. So you actually just snap the hanger to the underside of the clothes rack.

Dezeen says the Cliq can attach to either a square or circular pole, and that the magnets are strong enough to hold up 4.5 pounds of material, which should be able to handle anything but the heaviest of garments … Read More »

9 Things You Didn’t Know About Elevators

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Few inventions have changed the design of the modern city like the elevator. The ability to shuttle groups of people rapidly hundreds of feet into the air has transformed the way we live, work, and travel. Without mechanical lifts, we could not live or work in skyscrapers. The density of metropolises like New York City would be entirely impossible, replaced by a sea of five- and six-story walkups.

And yet, as elevator historian Daniel Levinson Wilk told the Boston Globe recently, “The lack of interest scholars have shown in the cultural life of elevators is appalling.” Appalling indeed, because the history of the elevator is fascinating. Here are just a fascinating tidbits about this transformative piece of technology:

1. The first modern elevators were in the lobbies of luxury hotels. The world’s first passenger elevator was installed in a New York City … Read More »

This Glow-In-The-Dark Bike Could Save Your Life

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As a cyclist, you’re always only a blind spot away from being maimed or killed. As such, making yourself as visible as possible (especially at night) is your first line of defense against being reduced to a gelatinous smear in some automobile axle rod. Making your bike as bright and shiny as possible, then, is of tantamount importance, yet unfortunately, many of the accessories that make a bike more visible to drivers also make it more visible to thieves.

Enter Mission Bicycle. The San Francisco-based bicycle maker has just launched the Lumen, a bicycle that looks sleek and black during the daytime but lights up at night. The secret sauce is retro-reflective paint, just like the kind that illuminates the stripes on the highway when your headlights hit it. But painting a bike to be as reflective as a street sign … Read More »