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How To Make A Beer-Flavored Jelly Belly People Actually Want To Eat

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In what could be the greatest thing to happen to drinking in public since the paper bag, Jelly Belly has invented a revolutionary new way to get around America’s open container laws: put beer into a jelly bean. According to Jelly Belly, beer-flavored jellybeans have been their most popular request for ages, but actually designing one from scratch took more than three years to get right.

“People send us flavor ideas all the time, but the one we’re asked to make the most is a beer-flavored jelly bean,” says Ambrose Lee, Jelly Belly’s head flavor scientist, based at the company’s headquarters in Deerfield, Michigan. “We go to over 500 events a year; at literally every one, someone asks us for a beer jelly bean. With the craft beer scene exploding, the timing finally seemed right.”

With the craft beer scene exploding, the … Read More »

Now You Can Buy Art Created From Your DNA

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Decorating an apartment is all about infusing your space with a sense of you. And what could be more integral to your style and your sense of self than DNA? Genetic Ink, a New York City-based startup, aims to elevate genetic sequencing to high design with a system for turning genetic information into a wall-ready piece of art.

Here’s how it works: Genetic Ink sends you a DNA collection kit. You swab the inside of your cheek, send it back to the company, and they sequence your DNA in their FDA-approved lab. (Your sample is anonymized to protect your privacy.) Using an algorithm, they turn that sequence–your individual arrangement of A, T, C, and G nucleotides–into a work of art, based on an original design called Spark, by Swiss-Canadian artist and designer Mathieu Daudelin. The final product comes in 17 different … Read More »

How Google’s Redesigned Search Results Augur A More Beautiful Web

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If you’ve searched anything on Google in the last day–and chances are you have–you might have noticed something different. The company’s newly designed search results page has ditched the ugly yellow box around AdSense results (the paid advertisements that accompany searches), increased font sizes slightly, and, most notably, removed the prominent underlines that we’ve associated with hyperlinks since the rise of the web. (Underlined hyperlinks are so integral to historic web design, in fact, that web browsers underline links by default, meaning that designers have to add superfluous code to remove them.)

Google is not the first company to ditch the underline. Sure, Bing still uses underlined text in its results page–which is essentially a dupe of Google’s–as do we here at Fast Company. But for much of the rest of the web, to be underlining is to be quoting Seinfeld … Read More »