A Blast from the Past – The Evolution of Students [Infographic]

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Students constantly get jibed about their laid back lifestyle of going out, hanging with friends, and a bit of work thrown in here or there, but what was it like when their parents went to university? Were they party animals as well? Now, thanks to Endsleigh Insurance, you can find out exactly what different generations of students got up to, from how much their tuition fees were, to what their favoured drink was.

Endsleigh have gathered data from a recent NUS survey, and have put it into a fascinating, interactive graphic for your viewing pleasure. It allows you to understand what everyday life was like for the students of the day, and for those who went to university it’s a nostalgic return to their youth.

The animated infographic was inspired by lifestyle, music and fashion from each decade:

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Webydo – Where Designers Are Creating Professional Websites

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The web has been saturated with a vast amount of DIY website builders, which can help any “layman” to set up a crude online installment. However, 70% of websites being created are from the conjoint efforts of web designers and manual coding done by developers. Designers are part of the contemporary creative class, and in other words, expert crafters. The websites that they set out to build are far superior in terms of complexity and originality, and it just won’t do to compromise with any old DIY website builder.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Webydo, the cloud software that will change the face of professional website building for good – by being the first professional online solution to efficiently provide designers with the power to create independently of web developers. The platform converts your static designs into HTML … Read More »

Massive Infographic Bundle (100+ templates) – only $27

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With the advent of the colorful infographic, suddenly information is no longer just provided in an easily digestible format, but it’s become pretty darn fun too. Which is why infographics are a fantastic way to boost traffic to your site, especially when they go viral on social media sites like Facebook.

And with this awesome Mighty Deal, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to share whatever information you’d like. Get 105 different infographic templates, in an easily customizable format. And the best piece of information to take away from all of this? For a limited time only, you can snag this powerful bundle for more than 50% off the regular price.

Infographic Templates Bundle Highlights:

105 Unique Infographic Templates:
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